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MIRIAM C. JACOBS is a graduate of the University of Chicago and has taught college writing, literature and humanities throughout her career as a writer.  Her poetry has appeared in both literary journals and popular magazines, including Miller’s Pond, Calliope Magazine, Poetry Life & Times, The Jewish literary Journal, The East Coast Literary Review, The King’s English, Bluestem and Oklahoma Today.  Ms Jacobs writes features and reviews – generally on topics related to the arts – for Atlanta Magazine, Dance Magazine, Native Peoples and other publications.  A work of scholarship, “The Stage as Battleground: Opera, Ballet and Gender Politics in the Age of Giselle” will appear in February 2013, in the Journal of the Colloquium on the Revolutionary Era. She is the Editor of Eyedrum Periodically, the art and literature journal of Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery, Atlanta. Her chapbook, The Naked Prince, is available on Amazon.

This collection of her published pieces is a work in progress. Please check back for updates.

Cover photo: The Naked Prince/ Miriam C. Jacobs, Mike Rovinsky (cover image) 2013 ISBN 978-1300-855088



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  2. Ana Martins says:

    Hi Miriam,
    Apologies to ask this out of the blue, but after reading some of your poems I felt a bit more confident to trust your judgement.
    I saw your comment on “How to kill a Narcissist”
    , where you say it doesn’t approach the problem of clinical narcissism or its effects on the children of clinical narcissists. And I was wondering if you’d recommend a book that would.
    Thank you for your time!

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